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Blackout 265

  • Description

    The Blackout is engineered with the Power Flex Zone to offer a powerful and explosive ball off the stringbed, while creating generous spin for control. This racquet is designed for all levels of play from recreational to professionals on tour.

  • Specifications

    Headsize: 100in²

    String Pattern: 16x19

    Weight: 265g

    Balance: 335mm

    Length: 27in

    Beam Width: 23.5 - 26 - 23mm

    Recommended Tension: 45lbs - 50lbs 

  • Stringing


    Skip: 7T, 9T, 7B, 9B

    Tie off: 8B


    Starting Knot: 5T

    Tie off: 6B

  • Want to buy?

     To purchase, please contact us

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