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The Blackout is engineered with the Power Flex Zone to offer a powerful and explosive ball off the stringbed, while creating generous spin for control. This racquet is designed for all levels of play from recreational to professionals on tour.

Blackout 300 XTD

  • Description

    The Blackout is the latest of our racquet performance technology.

  • Specifications

    Headsize: 100in²

    String Pattern: 16x19

    Weight: 300g

    Balance: 315mm

    Length: 27.5in

    Beam Width: 23.5 - 26 - 23mm

    Recommended Tension: 45lbs - 50lbs 

  • Stringing


    Skip: 7T, 9T, 7B, 9B

    Tie off: 8B


    Starting Knot: 5T

    Tie off: 6B

  • Want to buy?

     To purchase, please contact us

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